Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laundry Takeover

My kids have way too many clothes. 

This leads to me waiting way to long to complete the laundry chores. Mine usually gets backed up at the "put it away" stage when I inevitable discover that the drawers are too packed to fit all the clothes in an organized way.

The truth is I don't buy the vast majority. We are the lucky recipients of hand-me-downs from a multitude of cousins and my oldest daughter (who is 24 and a complete fashionista) loves to buy her little siblings adorable outfits that mom would never go out and purchase (like from J Crew's Crew Cuts) It all adds up to LOADS of clothes. The pic below is what my bed looked like when I was 3/4 finished with sorting and folding the long neglected laundry that was hiding out in my closet.

Now I hate doing laundry. Mostly because it is so never ending. So in order to bring more peace and simplicity into my life I am looking for a way to cut down on the ever expanding laundry pile.

Hubby and I don't generate all that much laundry, but my kiddos, that's another story.

I am trying to determine the minimum number of outfits my kids can get away with. Yes, it will mean I have to keep up with the laundry much better than I have in the past, but it will also kill a lot of this laundry clutter that permeates the house.

So how much clothing do your kids have? Are you also drowning in kids clothing on a daily basis? If you have a system for controlling the madness, what is it?


  1. Okay, I only have the one kid so I'm not sure how much help I can give, but the one thing I do for her is wash her clothes separately from mine and my husband's. I pre-treat stains right when I change her clothes and do a load of laundry when her basket is full. That makes putting them away easier because I'm not having to sort them out. I wish you much luck.


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