Sunday, August 29, 2010

So, about that decluttering idea...

I'm having a bear of a time decluttering my life. I have kids - and knitting - and sewing - and well, life in general. I apparently also have a form of decluttering ADD. I just cannot seem to focus and get it done. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have ADD with a lot of projects. That is why I have multiple unfinished knitting, sewing and general projects cluttering my life sending me into a constant spiral of decluttering desire.
I have managed to get through a few things, but I have only managed to actually remove a little of it from the house. I still have multiple bags/boxes that I need to get rid of. I am in debate over selling stuff versus giving it away. Some things the decision is easy to make,clothes are all give away, little knick knacks - give away- but other stuff I'm sure we could sell. Of course, that would mean spending the time and energy listing it, taking calls and negotiating with people and I'm not sure if it worth the time and effort. We're not talking about anything of real value, just a few bucks here and there. Maybe I'll pick something and see how it goes.
Hopefully next week will be more productive than this week was.

Friday, August 20, 2010

How's It Going, You Ask?

Well, very slowly. It is really difficult to significantly declutter a household! So far I have numerous baby items and bags of clothes all ready to get out of the house, but I need to go further. I really want to get down to "Just what we really need and a few other things we really love." It is such a lovely idea, but not so easy to execute. I have so much stuff and I worry that, maybe I'll need that, or I planned to revamp that soon (really I will!). It's easy to say if you find you need it later then just get a new one, but we are pinching every penny in our household so that can be scary. I just keep getting stuck.
My other problem - clearing stuff out just seems to make a huge mess. I know the whole 3 box concept and such, but it just seems to multiply the mess when I start on drawers or closets.
I am determined not to quit though. I think a scheduled twice a week drop off visit would help. I've been debating using Craigslist or freecycle to get rid of some stuff. I think I'll try that next week.
One thing I have resolved to do is actually complete some of the projects I have planned. Right now I am knitting and upcycling a men's shirt into a girl's tunic or dress and a boy's tee into a dress as well. We'll see how it goes!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So, yesterday I decided to simplify our lives.

I have a husband and 4 children still at home (one, a teenager for whom simplification = deprivation) I am going to be bringing them reluctantly along on this journey, so I can't go crazy and frankly, I don't want to go to extremes. We are not ready to pare our worldly possessions down to 100 items, make our own cosmetics and laundry detergent, wash our hair with baking soda, go vegetarian, or get rid of our cars and televisions. I would have an epic revolt on my hands if I attempted to do any of this.

I need to find a balance that makes everyone happy. We will get rid of the things we don't really love and don't use regularly. We will become more conscious consumers. We will get better about recycling. We will eat fewer processed foods. Someday we might get down to one car. The television - well, we will just try to start with watching less. We will spend more time outside. We will read more. We will go to museums, parks and the zoo regularly.

My goal is to find a simple lifestyle that works for a normal suburban family. There are hundreds of blogs devoted to the idea. Most of them seem to be written by single people or married couples with no children. Of course, fewer people involved make simplification much more possible, but many of the ideas need easing into slowly. My husband is behind me 100% when it comes to simplifying by getting rid of stuff. (Not sure what he'll make of it when I take it a bit further, but we're not there yet.) I am slowly indoctrinating my kids so when we get around to their toys they are on board. Yesterday I filled one trash bag with clothes and baby items. Today I hope to tackle some of the stuff in the drawers of the buffet in the dining room. Honestly most of it hasn't seen the light of day since - well - since I don't know when.

I'll try to post my success and failures here. Hopefully this will keep me motivated.