Saturday, January 1, 2011

Keeping Track of 2011

These are some of my favorite calendars from Etsy sellers

1st row (L to R)
1. Everyday Is Special - 2011 Calendar  by handz - Amazing color and design to brighten your space all year. I pretty much love all the prints offered here!

2. 2011 Wallhanging Letterpress Calendar  by Brooklynbookbinder - Soft and lovely to add serenity and style to any space.

3. 2011 Modern Design Calendar 8.5 x 11 size printable PDF  by Pinkroses 1220 - Each month is an amazing work of art all it's own.

2nd row (L to R)
4. Mini Wall-hung Calendar Featuring Original Illustrations  by rayofsunshine27 Charming illustrations in a small size - Adorable!

5. 2011 Weekly Planner  by Nicopapergoods - I just love the clothesline design and the color! The laundry is endless in my house! At least this would remind me to do it and make me smile daily.

6. New Year New Plan - Printable Planner  by onesixtyeight - A whole home organization system you can print out as often as necessary. I am always on the look out for a new system to keep my family running smoothly!

3rd row (L to R)
7. (ACK! I somehow lost my info on this wonderful calendar! I'm searching for it!) - The colors would cheer up any space space, the resolution reminder would keep you on track AND it's printable, so if the resolution changes, just print a new one and get going again with new resolve.

8. Digital mini January Calendar  by rochepapierciseaux - Sigh... I just love this. Tiny, portable loveliness

9. 2011 Printable Clipboard Calendar  by Fibersandtwigs - Looks great and it's practical. Plenty of space to write important info and great illustrations each month. Add in that it's printable and we have a winner!

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