Sunday, January 9, 2011

Defining My Style - the Pinterest Method

I am somewhat addicted (ok, seriously addicted) to Pinterest. I can get lost forever looking at other people's boards and pinning and repinning cool stuff from all over the web, lots of it is stuff I would never have come across on my own. It can be a real time-sucker sometimes, but it does have it's benefits.
For me, the biggest benefit is giving me a more solid idea of my style in decorating, fabric, and clothing. I am one of those people who has a difficult time when decorating or putting together a wardrobe. I tend to like a lot of styles and I buy things on a whim, rather than with a plan. It works on occasion, but most of the time it means I end up with a hodge-podge of stuff that doesn't relate or I end up making a decision based on the mood I'm in at the moment, not my real sense of style.
A great example of this is my blue dining room and yellow living room. I bought the paints on a whim. They don't work. I looked to my boards. Here are a few of my favorite decor and color inspirations

From the boards I can see that I love white. I also like aqua/turquoise blue and yellow.But they are not working in my home right now.

So what's a girl to do? I analyzed my boards for solutions.

My dining room will stay blue. It's a great blue that I am drawn to over and over. It doesn't work because the furniture in the room is all mismatched wood. I plan to lighten it up with painted furniture and rustic accents. I'm also going to throw in a bit of red. It shows up often with the blue. (should be easy with Valentine's Day coming up.) A touch of yellow may appear as well.

My living room is another story. The yellow has to go. I like yellow, but in my boards it shows up as an accent with white and gray. Not the main event.
We are planning on moving the tv out of the room and since when the tv goes downstairs, the ancient tv cabinet is going to go as well. that will expose even more of the color, and it's just too much, so it will be painted white or gray. I am debating keeping a little of the yellow on a focal wall by taping off a design when I paint. We'll have to see how that idea develops. (hmmm... A pale gray room with a yellow/gray/white chevron accent wall... Is chevron over?  IDK, but I love zig zag quilts so it's not over in my book... I just might try it.)

In between the dining room and the living room is the hall and kitchen. I want to bridge the rooms with white accented with punches of color. I have to get creative in the kitchen since we are renting and can't make any permanent alterations, but I am thinking about chalkboard vinyl and fabric to make some fun but easily removable changes.

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