Sunday, August 29, 2010

So, about that decluttering idea...

I'm having a bear of a time decluttering my life. I have kids - and knitting - and sewing - and well, life in general. I apparently also have a form of decluttering ADD. I just cannot seem to focus and get it done. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have ADD with a lot of projects. That is why I have multiple unfinished knitting, sewing and general projects cluttering my life sending me into a constant spiral of decluttering desire.
I have managed to get through a few things, but I have only managed to actually remove a little of it from the house. I still have multiple bags/boxes that I need to get rid of. I am in debate over selling stuff versus giving it away. Some things the decision is easy to make,clothes are all give away, little knick knacks - give away- but other stuff I'm sure we could sell. Of course, that would mean spending the time and energy listing it, taking calls and negotiating with people and I'm not sure if it worth the time and effort. We're not talking about anything of real value, just a few bucks here and there. Maybe I'll pick something and see how it goes.
Hopefully next week will be more productive than this week was.

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