Friday, August 20, 2010

How's It Going, You Ask?

Well, very slowly. It is really difficult to significantly declutter a household! So far I have numerous baby items and bags of clothes all ready to get out of the house, but I need to go further. I really want to get down to "Just what we really need and a few other things we really love." It is such a lovely idea, but not so easy to execute. I have so much stuff and I worry that, maybe I'll need that, or I planned to revamp that soon (really I will!). It's easy to say if you find you need it later then just get a new one, but we are pinching every penny in our household so that can be scary. I just keep getting stuck.
My other problem - clearing stuff out just seems to make a huge mess. I know the whole 3 box concept and such, but it just seems to multiply the mess when I start on drawers or closets.
I am determined not to quit though. I think a scheduled twice a week drop off visit would help. I've been debating using Craigslist or freecycle to get rid of some stuff. I think I'll try that next week.
One thing I have resolved to do is actually complete some of the projects I have planned. Right now I am knitting and upcycling a men's shirt into a girl's tunic or dress and a boy's tee into a dress as well. We'll see how it goes!

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