Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bring on Spring

I've been very absent from the bloggy world lately.
I've had a bit of the winter blues with all this snow and ice and cold.
I really think there is some seasonal depression getting the best of me.
I haven't much felt like doing anything.
My outlook was unexpectedly brightened last week.
I was expecting an e-mail that I had not received, so I actually checked my spam folder (something I rarely do!) and I spotted the subject line "You Won!" and realized that it was from Amy, of Amy's Creative Side blog. (as opposed to the rest of my spam folder which is appropriately full of similarly titled e-mails from scammers trying to convince me I won a bazillion dollars in (insert name of country here) National Lottery if I would only send $299 to cover taxes.)

I Won.
I Won!
I WON!!! 
Now I'll be honest winning anything is fun. But winning something this delicious was amazing.
"What had I won?" you ask


I won a GORGEOUS set of 21 Fat Quarters of Sweet Divinity from Amanda of The Quilted Fish (the actual designer of all this darling girly lovliness!!!) in a giveaway Amy held on her blog. 

I was so excited when it arrived! 

I squealed in delight as my husband brought the box in from our doorstep and I immediately ripped it open. I wanted to rip right into the fabrics and spread them all out...

but I remembered I was attempting to be a blogger so in good blogger fashion, I grabbed my camera and took a quick pic. (I opened the card first, but slipped it back in, it was too cute also!)

I'll admit I didn't work to hard on the pic, I really wanted at that fabric
All spread out to admire
A bit closer- isn't it adorable!!!
The fabric really has to be seen to be appreciated. It is SOOO wonderful! 
My daughter's Ooh-ed and Aah-ed over it with me. It even had touches of yellow that I hadn't noticed when viewing it online. (That really pleased my yellow-obsessed Lili!) 
We arranged and rearranged the fabrics. 
We tried to choose favorites. 
That proved too difficult since it was all so cute.

(I was really happy the girls loved it so much since it will likely end up in their room!)

My hubby thought the whole thing was pretty funny. He doesn't get fabric love.

I felt like the dad on A Christmas Story,
"It's a MAJOR giveaway win hon!" I insisted

(he might have appreciated the leg lamp a bit more than my fabric)

He was impressed when I told him how much this haul would have cost me at the store.

I can't wait to cut into it! (but first I shall admire it a bit more)

Thanks Amy and Amanda
you swept away my winter blues with some cheery fabric sunshine.

Bring on Spring!

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