Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Contemporary Kids

A little while ago I discovered that the Contemporary Museum here in town has a free program called Wednesday Morning Play Date for kiddos age 3-5 on the first Wednesday of the month from 10 - 11:30am, perfect for my girls.
I had never been to the museum, but I was really excited to check it out. (I am a museum kind of girl!) So onto the calendar it went. I figured we could try it out and see how it went.
To sum it up - the program is great! The museum staff is warm, friendly, welcoming and they really seem psyched that the kids are there and the projects are unusual and stretch your child's creativity and lead their art exploration in new directions.
The programs are led by local artists who link their work to the work being displayed at the museum.
For the first program the kids viewed photos by Elad Lassry, one of the featured artists at the museum. The work is color saturated and very intimate in it's scale (not subject matter! LOL). The visiting artist specialized in found-object art so she had the kids create little stories within brightly colored boxes and photographed them.
The girls had a huge number of little things to choose from to create a story diorama inside the wine crate. It was fun to see what they chose and how they put it together. The crates were available in various colors and sizes.(surprise, surprise, my girls both wanted PINK - only because there was no yellow for Momo )
After they created their scene the artist took a Polaroid of it (the girls LOVED the instant film! (Shake-a shake-a) After the film developed  the kids created a collage frame for their photo.
When we finished the collage frames we went upstairs for storytime. The storyteller was INCREDIBLE!!!! Honestly, I would go just for her she is that good! (I'll have to get her name, but I know she's with the St. Louis Public Library)
Oh, and I didn't even mention the snacks- a full spread from Companion bakery with beverages! Can you say YUM! (and follow that with "What diet?)
Oh, and you leave with project pages to use with your kids later!
Oh yes and it is all FREE!
So if you have kids who love to create and explore art in new ways definitely join us because we will be there!

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